Those who come to Gura Raului during winter will certainly enjoy the villages ski sleighing, and also those at the Paltinis resort, which is 18 km from there. One may also experience the pleasures of riding the sleigh pulled by horses, or those of participating to the services held within the village churches, with an impressive historical heritage.

During summer, one may go for hikes in the woods surrounding the village, or climb some of the mountains in its vicinity, such as Gatul Berbecului - 1.175 meters, Santa - 1.230 meters, Cheile Cibinului, the Cindrel Peak (2.244 meters) and the lakes of Cindrel (1999 meters at the big lake"Iezerul Mare" and 1946 meters at the small lake "Iezerul Mic"). One may also visit the Paltinis resort, where one will find such attractions as the Schit and a wooden church built in the 3rd decade of the XXth century, where the tomb of the philosopher Constantin Noica resides.

Or you may visit the Ocna Sibiului resort, where you can admire the bottomless lake, a monument of great geological value. This lake presents the phenomenon of heliothermia, and was formed within the ruins of a very old salt mine, which collapsed in 1775. It is also called Lake Francisc or the Wood Lake.

Things to do: Mountain bikes –Enduro – Sleds – Ski slopes – Tourism – Sport fishing – Teambuilding – Tirolian – Orientation – Team games – Rapel trekking with qualified personnel

All of this, accompanied by the well known romanian hospitality and kindness.